Valve to punish TF2 cheaters, reward others

Written by Joe Martin

September 3, 2009 | 11:26

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Valve has done a fair bit of expanding and tinkering with Team Fortress 2 since it was first released, with the latest free add-on being the addition of in-game hats and items that you can pick up from randomly spawning item drops. Unfortunately, as with all systems, some players are now exploiting the system and using third-party apps to harvest items.

Well, says Valve, that stops now.

Valve has today announced that TF2 gamers who make use of the various third-party idling applications to collect unlockables will be stripped of all their collected in-game items. Apparently only about five percent of TF2 gamers do such a dishonest thing, but soon they'll be a very angry five percent.

Remaining players however will be compensated for coping in the face of these cheaters with a new and exclusive hat that'll only be handed out to honest players - and it looks like a halo too!

The whole system is part of Valve's renewed zero-tolerance policy towards the use of external applications, says Valve's Erik Johnson.

Oddly though, not everyone in the Valve community is happy about it and groups like HealersAgainstHalos have popped out, with medics refusing to heal anyone wearing a halo until Valve issues an apology to cheaters. Over-sensitive atheists are also moaning at Valve for filling the game with Christian propaganda.

The new halo headwear will be called 'The Cheater's Lament' and will be added to the inventory of honest players very shortly - so feel free to post pictures of your headwear in the forums. Or just let us know what you think.
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