EA to make actual sports equipment

Written by Joe Martin

February 17, 2009 | 13:17

Tags: #sports

Companies: #ea #electronic-arts

Electronic Arts has today announced a partnership with manufacturing company Toy Island which will see the pair teaming up to make a new range of EA branded sports equipment based on the publishers games.

Just to clarify then; we're not talking about Wiimote accessories here, but actual physical sports equipment. The type with interactive sports training tips, ropes, weights and pulleys. The kind you're supposed to sweat over.

The new range, which is set to launch this Autumn, is to be aimed at the 3 to 12 year old market and will feature interactive guides as the main feature. The new set of footballs and skipping ropes and so on should be able to talk to users, cheering them on and offering sports tips.

The range will apparently focus on key sports; football, basketball and hockey according to Peter Moore, though the only exact product that's been described has been high-density foam balls for developing throwing skills in infants.

"I think kids these days want something that's an extension of how they consume sports through our games," said Peter. "That means using the latest technology to make going outside to play sports even more fun than it is today."

Can a videogame publisher and toy company really make sports equipment that will help reduce the staggering youth obesity figures across the developed world though? Let us know your thoughts in the forums.
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