UK retailers express doubt over PSPGo

Written by Joe Martin

June 26, 2009 | 12:02

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Two UK games retailers have spoken out about what they see as a very limited demand for Sony's new handheld console, the PSPGo - even going as far as to say they see no reason to bother stocking it.

"Do I want to stock this? Right now I can't see any justification for stocking it," said Don McCabe on behalf of the Chips chain, which operates 36 stores across the UK, in an interview with Edge.

"Certainly I'm not getting the response from consumers," he continued.

The comments were echoed by Grainger Games too, which has 21 stores nationwide and claims to only sell five PSP a week at most across the whole country. Grainger's Chris Harwood expressed serious doubt over the price of the PSPGo, saying that it likely wouldn't sell unless Sony lowered the cost. £200 GBP to £230 GBP is just too much, claimed Chris.

"It seems really high, especially the way PSP's going at the moment," said Grainger's Chris Harwood. "The models they've got out now are struggling at basically £129, pretty much [the] cost price, which we're putting them out at, and they're not selling through at that. We're trying to do some bundles just to push them through and the PSP just seems to have died as a format really… Nothing sells at the minute on PSP."

Granted, we've certainly never heard of either chain before and neither of them are anywhere near as big as chains like GAME or GameStation, but it's unlikely we'll ever see someone from the larger chains go on the record about the PSPGo. On the other hand, stores may just be downplaying the PSPGo because it's a purely digital platform and, once customers have picked up the unit, there's no repeat business for retailers as there are no games to sell for the platform.

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