Prime Minister to study new rules for games

Written by Joe Martin

September 5, 2007 | 12:18

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The UK government is, unfortunately, taking more and more of an active interest in computer and video game legislation and UK gamers are already worrying that new laws will be bought in to govern the rating and distribution of games in the United Kingdom.

Just recently, David Cameron waded into the games/politics issue by releasing a mini-manifesto, which is like a normal manifesto but smaller and with fewer toes. Now, in response, Prime Minister Gordon Brown has called for a public review of the issue.

According to the Daily Mirror, Brown has promised to look again at banning violent videogames:

"I know...that parents are concerned about whether children are too exposed to harmful violence and sexual imagery in video computer games and on the internet," said Brown, "so as we launch the court consultation on our children's plan we will be looking at all the evidence on the effects of this material, whether we need new rules for the advertising and sale of these products to children and young people."

Gordon Brown now intends to put the issue to a Citizens' Jury later this week, in which members of the public will have a chance to directly influence the formation of the policy by submitting views and opinions.

A second Citizens' Jury is set to follow on the issue of crime and gang warfare in the week after.

So, if you're a gamer with something to say then you'll want to make sure you get a chance to speak and don't let your gaming habits be controlled by people you don't trust. In fact, if you've got something to say then why not practice your speech in the forums?
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