Red Alert 3 patch adds map maker

Written by Joe Martin

December 8, 2008 | 11:13

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Electronic Arts has announced that the new 1.05 patch released for the PC version of Command and Conquer: Red Alert 3 today adds in several new features to the game, including a map maker.

Dubbed Worldbuilder, the Red Aler 3 map maker is apparently the very same tool that the game developers use to design maps, so a flood of new battlegrounds should be on the way soon for those who love a bit of tactical multiplayer.

The other major feature of the patch is a DRM de-authorisation tool. While the application won't free you from the bounds of Electronic Arts' DRM system utterly, it will allow you to de-authorise a PC and re-gain an install credit if you've reached the five-installs limit imposed on the game by EA.

Electronic Arts has drawn a lot of flak for it's rather draconian DRM solution, which is powered by SecuROM technologies, that only allows five concurrent installs of a game at once. While EA claims that only around two percent of people ever have problems with the install limit, the new app should go a little way to address concerns.

As well as addressing these two major issues the 1.05 patch also does the usual fistful of balancing tweaks and fixes to the game. It also adds the option to view player stats in online and co-op lobbies.

You can download the official Red Alert 3 1.05 patch here and check out our comprehensive Red Alert 3 review for more details. Be sure to let us know what you think in the forums.
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