Retailers and publishers want a PS3 price cut

Written by Joe Martin

August 10, 2007 | 12:53

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The PlayStation 3 is the subject of continued International unrest thanks to the unusual pricing plan it insists on sticking too. The US price cut, which proved to be only temporary wasn't, in the eyes of many, fairly balanced out in Europe by the introduction of the new PlayStation 3 'Starter Bundle'. Especially when the new 80GB version of the PS3 isn't available in Europe at all, but is available in the US.

Now, mass-market retailers and publishers have stepped forward to voice their concerns about the PlayStation 3 pricing issues in the UK, lending their voices to those of their customers.

Speaking to MCV, Duncan Cross, the Head of Games at Asda, said that "I think for us and for Asda’s customers there’s no doubt that we’d like to have seen some price movement on PS3. The US have got a cut and we’ve got the games bundle but it’s just not the same. I think the console needs an extra something to really get it up to full speed.”

The view was echoed by SCi CEO Jane Cavanagh, who said that “We’re absolutely of the view that Sony will succeed, without question. It’s just a case of the timing. From our point of view, the acceleration of that installed base could be driven by further price cuts. The hardware is pretty expensive. As soon as we start to see cuts coming in, we’ll be more comfortable with the performance of PS3."

Martin Baxter, Head of Games at Choices UK, also agreed that a price cut was needed but disagreed that now was the time for it.

"I think the bundle will be enough to keep sales going in the short term, although ultimately a strong line-up of software and a price drop pre-Christmas would be key to trading through the peak period. Our sales have more than doubled since the new Starter Pack was introduced."

Are you annoyed at how Sony is treating customers in Europe, or do you think that the price of the PlayStation 3 is fair given the amount of hardware packed into it? Let us know what you think in the forums.
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