PS3 apparently immune to over-heating

Written by Joe Martin

August 14, 2007 | 12:41

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The Xbox 360? That thing has heating issues, big-time. The PlayStation 3 though? That thing is a monster of mega-cooling and we've never seen a complaint about it overheating since release, not once.

However, that isn't enough for some and fansite PS3 Fanboy has apparently proved the that Sony's latest console is nearly invulnerable to heating issues by subjecting it to some of the most extreme heating tests we've ever seen.

The first test was simple enough - running the PS3 in a normal living room. This produced nothing unusual, except a whirring disc drive after 12 hours of solid reading. The next two tests are where the extreme stuff starts - popping the PS3 in the back of a freezer van and inside a sauna.

In the freezer, where the temperature was -17°C, the PS3 gradually became more sluggish before blacking out completely. However, upon investigation it was discovered that the PS3 had only failed because condensation had made the power cord a bit too wet and the actual hardware was still running fine.

In the sauna, where the temperature was around 49°C, the PS3 performed amazingly - with only a slight burning smell coming from the device after a massive 64 hours. Apparently, the console was still running fine after a staggering 108 hours at temperatures approaching 50°C.

While it's obviously a bit extreme and it's definitely not suggested that the PS3 be run in any but the normal, intended conditions, it's still an impressive feat for any piece of hardware and Microsoft could doubtlessly do worse things than copy the PS3 approach to cooling. Its definitely a timely turn-around from previous complaints about the console.

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