Sim UK Government game released for free

Written by Joe Martin

November 19, 2007 | 10:56

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Some ideas are destined to do nothing but draw ire and hate mail before crashing dangerously into the ground - games like JFK Reloaded, for example. Today, a new game joins those hallowed ranks.

SeriousPolicy is a game designed by PlayGen which has just been released for free as part of an initiative to get young people interested in UK politics. In other words; it wouldn't sell.

The game is a simulation which lets players take the role of several important members of UK politics, such as Gordon Brown, Tony Blair, Alistair Darling or...Keira Knightley and Paris Hilton.

Before you say it: Yeah, I know.

David Cameron is also featured in the game in order to show that the game developers were not taking sides, though the Liberal Democrats have been entirely omitted. As for the Monster Raving Loony Party, well I think their influence is clear - highlights of the game include Paris Hilton taking a stand to unite the Israelis and Palestinians.

"This isn’t satire. It’s designed as an example of how computer games can be put to serious use - for both citizen engagement and education." Reads the official site.

Personally, I'd rather play Nation States, but what do you think? Let us know in the forums.
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