Xbox Live survey puts Obama ahead in polls

Written by Joe Martin

September 23, 2008 | 10:00

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A survey of opinions on Microsoft's Xbox Live service has shown that console gamers prefer Barack Obama for president in the current US elections, putting the candidate for the Democratic Party more than ten percent ahead of rival John McCain and the Republican party.

An equal 13 percent portion of the vote however sits either either with other, smaller parties, or on the fence between the two.

Microsoft ran the US survey over the past few weeks, surveying almost 100,000 Xbox Live users in America - a figure far larger than that used in any of the official polls for news services.

The results showed that 43 percent of Xbox Live gamers favoured or would vote for Barack Obama in the US election, while John McCain and Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin managed to get only 31 percent of the vote. The remaining fractions were split; 13 percent listed themselves as undecided, or indicated they would vote for another party.

"These results do not map to national trends, which show Senator Obama and Senator McCain to be pacing neck and neck," said a diplomatic official statement which claimed that the results instead "provide insight into a unique subset of young, engaged citizens."

Then comes the marketing spiel...

"To-date, the Xbox LIVE community has downloaded more than 350,000 pieces of program-specific content, ranging from candidate gamerpics to videos and Rock the Vote logos. That’s nearly five times the amount of people present at Barack Obama’s acceptance speech during the Democratic Convention in Denver."

So, there you go - Barack may be ahead in the polls, but Microsoft's Xbox 360 would make a more popular president. There's nothing like a Red Ring of Death to show the world who's boss!

Where do your political allegiances lie in the US election? With the Democrats or Republicans? We'd love to hear from everyone for this poll, so head to the forums and let us know what you think.
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