Sony: No PAL video store this year

Written by Joe Martin

July 17, 2008 | 10:59

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Sony Europe's David Reeves has confirmed that the new video store feature announced for the PlayStation 3 at E3 2008 will not be available in PAL territories, such as the UK, in 2008.

The new video store system will allow gamers (in the US that is) to rend and buy both standard and high definition films which can then be downloaded directly to the PS3's hard drive.

Best of all though, those videos can then be transferred around freely to the Sony PSP so that gamers can watch them on the go. It may be a bit of a squeeze getting a feature length high-def movie onto a Memory Stick Duo, sure, but it's cool nonetheless. Or at least, it would be if UK gamers could have a look at it anytime soon.

"This will not come to the PAL markets this year," said Sony's David Reeves in a press conference today according to Eurogamer.

"But Sir Howard Stringer has made the commitment that it will come to all regions in due course and it will. The dates and content for the video download service will be announced later this year," continued Reeves.

"For us...local content is key and that is exactly what we're working on right now."

Annoyed at the lack of global support for the feature, or do you think it'll be worth the wait? Let us know your thoughts in the forums.
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