Sony: "You can always bittorent PSP games"

Written by Joe Martin

July 31, 2008 | 10:47

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File this one under the "Um, what?" category in the tag cloud, as the boss of Sony's European wing, David Reeves, has taken it upon himself to remind gamers that if they want then they can always download PSP games off of bittorent rather than waiting for them to be released.

In an E3 interview with the New Zealand based site ButtonMasher Reeves was asked about the repeated delays in PAL regions for PS3 and PSP games - namely, just why does it take so long to localise a game for PAL?

Reeve's response? A classic example of foot-in-mouth.

"...well, the New Zealand office could ask to report to the US instead of Europe, and if you report to the US office, you’ll become an even smaller fish in a big pond… I think you sometimes have to put up with it," began Reeves, obviously tired of answering the question.

"We are a PAL market and we are going to do it in PAL and we are going to do [localisation] properly, you can wait for it and you can have it in good quality, you know you can get the stuff from Bittorrent if you want to and download PSP games, it’s up to you."

We wonder if that'll hold up in a court of law, but we somehow doubt it.

Have you ever pirated a game for the PSP, or do you import games to avoid lengthy delays caused by localisation? Let us know in the forums.
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