Sony: PS3 browser is faster than IE7

Written by Joe Martin

October 28, 2008 | 11:01

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Sony has just updated the official PlayStation 3 firmware to include a faster browser and Flash 9 support and is now boasting that the console's internet browser is now faster than Microsoft's Internet Explorer 7, despite only have being in development for a short time.

Sony apparently began work on the new version of the PlayStation 3 browser last year and had to re-code many features in order to get Flash 9 support included, but it is adamant the work has paid off.

Discussing the new 2.5 firmware update with IGN, Sony claimed that the system is now faster than Internet Explorer 7 - though still not as fast as Google's new kid, Chrome.

The new browser update apparently also improves Javascript support, more than doubling the speed that Javascript can run at on the PlayStation 3.

The bad news though is that the PSP platform probably won't be benefiting from these advances in the future as Sony isn't sure that the PSP's limited resources will be able to run Flash 9 at all - apparently it was a stretch even getting the full screen keyboard to work.

The latest PSP update, version 5.0 of the firmware, has definitely added in some decent features though. PSP users on the move can now directly download the latest demos, trailers and games from the online PlayStation store.

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