PS3 Folding@Home hits a million users

Written by Joe Martin

February 5, 2008 | 12:15

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PlayStation 3 fanboys have finally broken the one million users mark in the Folding@Home distributed computing system, it was revealed yesterday.

Folding@Home itself, a system by which gamers can contribute spare processing power toward curing cancer on both PC and PlayStation 3, has recently passed the petaflop mark too which is equally impressive.

Embarrassingly for PC users though, the PlayStation 3 users now contribute the vast majority of power to the network according to the press release; a whopping 74 percent.

"Since partnering with SCEI, we have seen our research capabilities increase by leaps and bounds through the continued participation of Folding@home users," said Vijay Pande, Associate Professor of Chemistry at Stanford University and Folding@home project lead.

"Now we have over one million PS3 users registered for Folding@home, allowing us to address questions previously considered impossible to tackle computationally, with the goal of finding cures to some of the world's most life-threatening diseases. We are grateful for the extraordinary worldwide participation by PS3 and PC users around the globe."

If you're interested in signing up for Folding@Home then make sure you do it as part of Team Bit-tech and, if you have anything to say, do so in the forums.
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