Sony wants to break even on PS3 by March

Written by Joe Martin

July 27, 2007 | 12:01

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The PlayStation 3 is an opinion dividing machine, that much we can all agree on.

On the one hand, the machine is hideously expensive and Sony has earned scorn by treating US and European markets differently. The machine is also lacking in any real killer-titles, at least until Unreal Tournament 3 or Metal Gear Solid 4 hit shelves later this year.

On the other hand, it is a fairly stacked machine and the PlayStation 3 is arguably worth the cash, doubling as a Blu-ray player.

Still, Sony accepts that it is too expensive for them to be really comfortable with and sources hint that Sony may well be losing about $200 on every PlayStation 3 it sells. That's something they definitely aren't happy with and Sony Executive VP, Nobuyuki Oneda, has recently told press that Sony wants to try and break even on the PlayStation 3 by March 2008.

The main reason that Sony thinks it'll even be possible to reach that target is thanks to lowering production costs. The components for the Blu-ray drive are said to be falling in price now for Sony and the PlayStation execs want to switch from a 90nm chip to a much more attractive 65nm variant.

Don't get too happy at the news though as, even if Sony does reach its target of being profitable by March - which is highly unlikely in our opinion - then it won't necessarily manifest as a price cut for consumers just because Sony isn't making a loss.

Have you got a PS3 yet, or are you waiting for further price reductions? Which of the consoles do you currently favour; the gimmicky Wii, the faulty 360 or the expensive PS3? Let us know on the forums, accessed through your trusty PC.
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