Take-Two considering BioShock MMO, film?

Written by Joe Martin

March 27, 2008 | 10:57

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In a presentation given to Take-Two shareholders about why the company should continue to resist buy-out offers from EA a few rather interesting snippets of information have emerged, specifically that Take-Two is thinking of creating a BioShock MMO and movie to co-incide with the planned sequel and mobile game.

Slides from the presentation were leaked to Kotaku this morning and, while most of the it seems to be the usual PowerPoint selection of dull pie charts and even duller pie charts, there are some interesting snippets in there - namely that the publisher is considering how best to capitalise on the BioShock franchise through other mediums.

That BioShock will be getting a sequel hasn't been much of a secret and nor has the fact that a mobile game for the franchise is also planned, but the addition of an MMO and movie to the line-up is new.

Details are scarce at the moment and there seems to be little to go on other than the fact that Take-Two is promising shareholders that if it wanted to then it could make an MMO and movie to generate huge profits, but we'll let you know more details as they energe.

Would you be excited to see a BioShock film and MMO, or do you think the series will end up going the way of Deus Ex - a seminal game killed by lack-lustre sequels? Let us know in the forums.
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