Team Fortress 2 welcomes new map

Written by Joe Martin

February 15, 2008 | 11:33

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Team Fortress 2 is an excellent game in pretty much every way, but if there was one flaw in it's perfection then it would be the rather meager selection of maps available in the retail release. Thankfully though, Valve knows this and has added a new map to the roster as a nice little Valentine's Day present.

The new map, titled Badlands, comes packed with a double fistful of updates for the Source Engine and loads of tweaks to the existing Team Fortress 2 maps including; "Clipped off tall windows in stage 3 [of Dustbowl] to prevent sentry guns from behind built behind them"

Wow! Exciting!

Valve has also got a few other enhancements and tweaks on the way, including a new achievement pack for the Medic character and a new character video to establish exactly what gender the Pyro is, allegedly.

So, TF2 is getting yet more polish and we're glad - but part of us does kind of wish that the other two thirds of The Orange Box would get some attention. We're dying for Portal II and Half-Life 2: Episode 3.

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