New Tony Hawk title a mobile exclusive

February 28, 2014 | 10:50

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PC and console gamers excited at the news that Tony Hawk is returning to the world of virtual skateboarding in a new game can cool their ardour: the title will be exclusively available on mobile devices.

Last week, Activision confirmed that it was planning a new skating game starring Tony Hawk, continuing a long-running franchise that first started back in 1999 on the Sony PlayStation. While popular enough to sustain an annual release for a decade, poorly-received spin-offs and increasing competition from more realistic titles led to the series being put on hold in 2011 aside from a remaster of the original in 2012.

The excitement, then, of a return to form for the skating series was understandable - but those hoping for a PC, or even mainstream console, port will be disappointed to hear Activision's taking the franchise mobile-only. Speaking on the Larry King Now show, Tony Hawk himself stated outright that the new game will be exclusively available on touch-screen mobile devices - phones and tablets, in other words.

This isn't the first time a Tony Hawk game has appeared on portable devices: as well as ports of the games to devices like the Game Boy, PlayStation Portable and touch-screen Nintendo DS, the games have also appeared on the ill-fated Nokia N-Gage. This latest release, however, will mark the first time the games have been developed with a pure mobile device in mind - and will, in all likelihood, make heavy use of touch controls.

Activision has not yet released a list of planned targets, but support for iOS and Android would seem certain - meaning if gamers want to relive the glory days of the franchise as a bastion of living-room entertainment, they'll need to invest in a game pad and HDMI cable or Android-powered micro-console.
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