Tony Hawk: Ride delayed for UK

Written by Joe Martin

October 2, 2009 | 12:03

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Activision has announced that the UK version of upcoming skateboarding game Tony Hawk: Ride has been delayed until December 4th, while the game will go on sale November 17th in the US and November 27th for the rest of Europe.

The game, which include a unique skateboarding peripheral, has also been priced at £99.99 in the UK.

The skateboard controller fits with Activision's increasing focus on expensive, peripheral focused games - like Guitar Hero and DJ Hero. Although lacking wheels, the skateboard still handles like you'd expect and has sensors along the rim to detect foot-pushes and grabs. Just don't try to kickflip it.

It's thought that introducing the skateboard controller will help the Tony Hawk games get back on top after a spate of lack-lustre titles that have been outperformed by EA's new Skate series.

We had a quick go with the plastic skateboard at GamesCom earlier this year and, although the controller itself seems solidly built and the game is still fun, we question if it's anything more than a gimmick as the controller didn't noticeably improve the gameplay in our opinion.

Tony Hawk: Ride will also put a new focus on an open-world environment and expanding the multiplayer mode.

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