Tony Hawk's Project 8 is revealed

Written by Ryan Garside

May 4, 2006 | 14:09

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A leaked video and some screenshots of the upcoming next-gen Tony Hawk's game, which is going to be called Tony Hawk’s Project 8, have just surfaced on the net.

The game title reflects that this is the eighth in the series of the ever popular skate-em-up. The games have come in for some criticism in recent years, especially after Tony Hawk’s American Wasteland did little to further the genre, despite being made for the next generation platform.

Some may suggest this is due to there being a limit on what can be done with a skating game, although the two early screenshots that have been revealed over at 1UP show that, at least from a graphical perspective, the series can still take steps forward.

The self shadowing and character detail seen in the screenshots is confirmed by a recent tech movie of the game that also appeared. The video looks substantially better than all Tony Hawk’s previous game outings despite only being a demonstration of player modelling, lighting and animation. As of yet, no details of new gameplay modes have been announced, although one hopes something more original than the story of ‘new boy in town turns into skating legend’ is attempted.

It is currently unclear as to what console this video is running off, with most speculation pointing to the PS3. Don’t be surprised if Tony Hawk’s Project 8, like its older brothers, is released on every platform.

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