Vista-only game doesn't need Vista

Written by Joe Martin

June 25, 2007 | 13:18

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Computer games can be confusing things sometimes and mis-labelled products certainly don't help. That's especially true when it's Microsoft which is mis-labelling entire product lines in order to entice us all to shell out for Windows Vista. Allegedly.

Apparently, Shadowrun, the 360 and PC title which allows console fanboys to get their arses handed to them by their mouse-wielding cousins, is not as Vista-exclusive as it first seemed.

Originally billed as Vista-only, the famous (or infamous, which is just like famous but slightly cooler) hacker group, Razer1911, has managed to crack the game so that it runs under Windows XP without a qualm.

The crack makers gave the following statement in the help files for the crack, which only requires that a few files in the installation folder be overwritten with hacked versions;

"Tired of waiting for Falling Leaf to produce drivers so that you can play Shadowrun in XP? The wait is over, because Razor1911 already has the remedy! Yes, you read right. This game will also function in Windows XP."

That'll teach pro game developers to work a little faster then, won't it?

The statement refers to Falling Leaf Studios, which was reported to be working on the 'Alky Project' which would allow both Halo 2 Vista and Shadowrun to work on XP, though there isn't any news yet on whether the game can still interface with Xbox Live in its cracked form. We somewhat doubt the chances of that though.

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