Which? files complaint against Davenport Lyons

Written by Joe Martin

December 12, 2008 | 12:11

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Davenport Lyons has become a well-known and notorious figure in certain circles throughout the UK. The law firm, which represents a number of game publishers and adult film producers, has drawn criticism from some for its methods - which basically involve sending letters out to people demanding money or the threat of being taken to court.

The problem however, is that a small number of people, who have documented their concerns on the bit-tech forums, feel they have been wrongly accused by the firm. This means that Davenport Lyons is often accusing innocent people, many of whom may not understand how to prove their innocence, and scaring them into paying up.

Davenport Lyons' antics have not gone unnoticed however, with consumer rights organisation Which? now taking a stand against the law firm and filing complaints on behalf of UK consumers.

Which? has investigated a number of cases on behalf of consumers in the UK and found that Davenport Lyons has wrongly accused a number of users on behalf of companies like Atari (which has since elected to stop working with Davenport Lyons). One accused person allegedly told Which? that he had cancelled his broadband subscription for fear of getting another letter, Ars Technica reports.

"We think the SRA needs to take urgent action against Davenport Lyons," Which? head of legal affairs Deborah Prince said in a statement. "In the current financial climate, we expect an increase in the action that companies may want to take against individuals. The SRA must investigate all such allegations and take decisive action where necessary."

Have you been contacted by Davenport Lyons? Get advice in the dedicated forum thread and let us know what you think in the discussion.
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