Wii Fit strengthens your rights

Written by Joe Martin

April 23, 2008 | 11:00

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Opinion on whether or not Wii Fit is a game is pretty divided. On the one hand, Miyamoto and the rest of Nintendo think it's an excellent game with a lot going for it. On the other hand though, we aren't idiots and it is clear to us at least that it is more of a simulation than a game.

What's unusual about the whole 'is it really a game?' debate though is that Miyamoto seems to think that Wii Fit is more than just a game - he thinks it's a civil rights activist too.

"Really, what Wii Fit represents and what Nintendo is trying to do with Wii Fit is expand the gaming population," Miyamoto told MTV. "And the reason that is important for them is because as more and more people of different ages start playing — even if it's just games like Wii Fit —- their understanding of what video games are and the fact that they're even playing games is going to better their understanding of what gamers are."

"So in a sense what we're doing by increasing the gaming population is strengthening their right to continue to game. I hope they'll keep that in mind."

So, next time you catch yourself jumping up and down on a piece of white plastic, remember to thank Nintendo for allowing you to game - without them consoles could have been banned by The Man years ago!

On the other hand, we could get serious about the matter and ask you what you think the growth of the Wii and the more casual or mid-core markets might mean for hardcore gamers and the industry as a whole. Let us know your thoughts in the forums.
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