Wii portable sees release

Written by Joe Martin

June 21, 2007 | 13:51

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We've seen some sweet Nintendo Wii mods in the past few months, from the functional to the fancy, but one thing we never thought we'd see would be a commercially rolled out portable version of the Wii, mainly because the idea seems a bit ludicrous.

Built by Japanese company, Century, the Wii Portable is a seven-inch LCD screen with an incorporated infra-red sensor bar which is designed to be hooked up to a Wii and, well...portablised.

Gizmodo reckons that the retail price isn't too bad at around 14,800 Yen, though we think the whole thing is a bit bizzare to justify spending $119, or £70, on.

Really, a motion sensitive console can't realisitically be played on a seven-inch screen and in our experience users need to be a few feet away from the IR bar in order to get any reasonable response via the Wiimote.

Of course, the idea of playing Warioware Inc. on the go is a intriguing to say the least, if only because it offers the chance to 'accidentally' wound passers by when when wielding the Wiimote in Samurai position.

Reckon the idea is a a load of baloney, or is it the best thing you've seen all week? If you got one, where would you use and why? Answers to the forums!
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