Xbox One ad messing with console voice activation

Written by David Hing

June 16, 2014 | 10:27

Tags: #kinect #xbox-one

Companies: #microsoft

An ad being run by Microsoft for the Xbox One is triggering the voice activation commands of consoles owned by viewers.

The ad, featuring Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul, has the actor declare ‘Xbox One’ near the start of the piece which triggers the console. Unfortunately, it also appears to trigger the Xbox One’s via the Kinect motion sensor and voice activation peripheral of anyone watching the ad too.

Users have reported the issue over Twitter and Reddit with tech blogger Qassim Faird saying that the command not only turned his console on but resulted in his TV switching off thanks to the intervention of an infrared blaster in the Kinect.

Despite the Microsoft ad showing off the functionality of the Kinect, the company has now started selling the Xbox One without the peripheral bundled in. Around the initial announcement of the Xbox One, this was a strategy that it had said it could not execute do due to the device being integral to the operation of the console.

The removal of the Kinect has meant that the console has shed approximately £50 from its price tag and was likely a move made to help the machine compete with the Playstation 4 which according to figures released by Microsoft and Sony appears to have taken the lead in the current generation's race.
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