Guitar Hero reality TV series in the works?

Written by Joe Martin

May 8, 2009 | 12:11

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Activision is rumoured to be in talks at the moment with several media companies about bringing the Guitar Hero and Call of Duty mega-franchises to the screen in the future.

The rumour, which seems credible given Activision's attitude to developing the two franchises, comes from Reuters and cites "people familiar with the [on-going] discussions."

There's precious few details on what exactly Activision might be looking to do with the two adaptations (other than make a lot of money), but the article does indicate that Guitar Hero may become a reality TV series, while Call of Duty may become a full-length feature film. Activision CEO Bobby Kotick did comment earlier that Guitar Hero in particular might make a good TV show or concert tour if the series was adapted correctly.

Reuters also makes brief mention of the World of Warcraft movie, which Activision has already confirmed, but doesn't offer any new insight as to how the project might be progressing.

On the topic of Guitar Hero, Activision also took the chance recently to let gamers know that the franchise has officially gone on to be one of the three most successful series of all times. It is now one of only three games to surpass more than USD two billion in sales over the course of the series - the other two entries being Nintendo's Mario franchise and EA's Madden games.

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