Microsoft's Kevin Gammill has confirmed that the Xbox One X and Xbox One S are receiving support for Quad High Definition (QHD) displays, also known as 1440p displays, in the near future, at least for those signed up for the company's beta test programme.

Originally known as Project Scorpio, the Xbox One X is a mid-stream specification upgrade to Microsoft's popular Xbox One console. While retaining backwards compatibility with its predecessor, the Xbox One X includes a more powerful processor - making it the only model in the family capable of playing games in Ultra HD (consumer 4K) resolutions when connected to a compatible display.

For those who have picked up a One X but have not yet added a 4K display, the console is capable of rendering at higher resolutions internally then down-scaling for output when running a title with 'Xbox One X Enhanced' functionality. At present, though, there's only the choice of a 1080p (Full HD) output resolution, leaving those with displays above Full HD but below Ultra HD running their panels at a non-native resolution.

That, Microsoft's Kevin Gammill has pledged via Twitter, is set to change. 'Many questions recently around the timing of our 1440p support. Those of you in our early preview ring should be pleasantly surprised very soon if you have an Xbox One S or Xbox One X,' Gammill wrote - suggesting that not only is support for Quad HD 1440p displays coming to the high-resolution-capable Xbox One X but also its less computationally powerful but cheaper Xbox One S stablemate.

Details of when the functionality will be made available have not yet been released, though interested parties are encouraged to sign up to the Xbox Insider Programme beta test to receive the update before its general release.

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