HDMI gets new guidelines

Written by Phil Cogar

October 24, 2007 | 15:21

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DVI, HDMI, Dual link, DisplayPort, Component, Composite, S-Video - there are so many video connections out there it can be a bit overwhelming. When you take into account that some have multiple variations and specifications, your head might feel like it's going to explode when trying to find the one for you and your setup.

HDMI Licensing, LLC is hoping to clear some of the confusion that surrounds the HDMI connection by introducing new Trademark and Logo Usage Guidelines for manufacturers to use on their products.

Since the inception of HDMI almost half a decade ago, the connection has seen more revisions then I have fingers on one hand - seven, to be exact (the number of revisions, not the number of fingers on my hand). Trying to figure out which revision to use can be just a little nerve wracking to some. The new guidelines should help out in that department as manufacturers will now need to mark which features of the connection the product support.

"Our goal with the release of the HDMI Trademark and Logo Usage Guidelines is to provide the CE industry with a common language to explain HDMI functionality, and to ensure that the new terms will clearly describe the performance of each feature to the consumer," said Les Chard, HDMI Licensing president.

"To further support manufacturers, retailers and installers in helping consumers make better informed decisions; we have created a map of HDMI features with terminology that is easy to communicate. With the new guidelines, the industry now has the means to do that more effectively."

The new Trademark and Logo Usage Guidelines are in effect now and are required on all HDMI capable products that shipped after October 17.

Of course, if HDMI isn't the way for you, you can always read up on DisplayPort and see if that might be the route that you want to take.

Think that this will help clear up the confusion or will you just stick with what you have for now? Leave your thoughts over in the forums.
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