Baby Grand Piano Mod for D.J.s with style

Written by Joe Martin

April 23, 2007 | 12:00

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Music and modding - not normally a natural pairing. Of course, there is the world famous Real Wood iPod created by ZapWizard but generally the two artistic disciplines don't often cross paths.

Today's mod is an impressive fusion of the two unlike anything we have seen before. Modestly titled Baby Grand Master, The King of Video Intruments the project is the latest creation from artist Gardner Post.

Built inside the body of a Baby Grand Master piano, this system is aimed at true connoisseurs of multimedia. The piano case houses two Pioneer DVJ-X1 DVD players, three Marshall LCD monitors and an Edirol V-4 video mxer in place of normal piano keys. For sound control the system is built around an Allen and Heath Xone 92 audio mixer.

For speakers the piano uses four subwoofers - two 15 inchers, one 18 inch beast and a 12 inch to cap it off - as well as a set of three bullet tweeters and a AB 1,100 watt amp thats so powerful it would be best used for demolition purposes.

The piano can then be further pimped out in true gangsta fashion with hydraulic legs and top, custom paint jobs and fog or laser spewers. This puts it far out of the price range of us normal folk, obviously.

It may not be a working PC - often the criteria for attracting most modders' attention - but given the extensive modification and raw hardware contained within, we felt it was worthy of a mention.

Have you tried out any musical mods of your own, or perhaps you're contemplating a Pocket PC / harmonica hybrid? Post your ideas in our forum.
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