Spotswood Drum PC case mod on sale

Written by Joe Martin

July 30, 2007 | 11:08

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PC cases and musical instruments - they may seem an odd mix, but it's one which is becoming increasingly popular among the stylish elite of PC geeks. So, if you fall into that category and if the Baby Grand Piano Mod was just a bit too expensive for you, then you may be interested in the new custom-built drum case from Spotswood Custom Computers.

The newly available L-series cases gives system builders a 22-inch circular shell to build a PC inside of, with each case built from scratch solely for the purpose. The case design supposedly eliminates hot-spots from building up within the system and gives more efficent cooling.

Of course, it's not something that comes cheap and the L-series costs around $500 in the U.S.

Still, for the dosh you're certainly getting an attractive design and each case is, according to the website, hand-crafted from "high-quality maple veneer plywood, which gives you a beautiful, more durable and quieter running PC than anything else out there."

The case is also designed with modders in mind, with easy-to-remove 7/10 mil mylar side panels to get into the cuts of the rig with and a choice of different wood finishes, all of which are matte-finish to help hide fingerprints.

Check out the official gallery for more pictures of the various case designs on offer.

Opinion in bit-tech HQ is divided on just how functional the system may be though as the case only seems to have space for a single optical drive and the urge to tap your feet against it may be a bit overwhelming at times.

Got your own musical case mod, or are you eager to see what else is being done in the modding scene right now? Then check out our hosted project logs, or just let us know what you think in the forums.
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