The Futurama of Mini(ITX) Modding?

Written by Jason Cundall

May 18, 2005 | 13:21

Tags: #case #mini-itx

Mini-ITX has posted up details (the posting of which is newsworthy in itself, as the site seemed to be dead for so long) of an awesome looking Futurama themed case. A crafty Norwegian modder has fabricated his own bending unit to house his mini-ITX rig:

Now Bender is really beginning to take shape. The teeth were made from a plastic visor used for helmets. This was then painted and the teeth were painted on. After that a hole was cut out for the slot load DVD-rom which is mounted inside the head. the WLAN antenna is also mounted on top of the head and the doors have been cut out .

Unfortunately the hinges on the doors were mounted on the wrong side, so the door opens to the opposite side compared to the original, but that's just a minor issue - this version of Bender is left-handed... Then we had to figure out how to attach the motherboard. After a lot of brain-wracking I figured out that all cables should exit through Benders butt. So that's why this solution was chosen.

More here, with plenty of pics of the build. Whilst you're over there, check out the Mini Falcon, which apes a previous project but on a smaller scale, and the classic retro lines of the BBC-ITX B.

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