Today is the day that bit-tech readers and Supreme Commander fans alike have been waiting for. It has been marked on the calender for weeks. Forum posts have been flying back & forth in a Simpsons-eque "have I won yet? Have I won yet? Have I won yet?" fashion.

Since the early hours of this morning there has been furious F5 button mashing to see if this very news has been posted, as "winners will be announced on Tuesday 17th April".

But before we draw the winners let's find out if you had the correct answers. We asked the following questions:

Question 1: The creative genius behind Supreme Commander is Chris....?
  1. Taylor
  2. Tarrant
  3. Rock
Question 2: There are three warring factions in the game: Cybran Nation, Aeon Illuminate and the United Earth ....?
  1. Alliance
  2. Knitting Circle
  3. Federation
Question 3: Supreme Commander is the spiritual successor to which RTS classic?
    Command & Conquer
  1. Total Annihilation
  2. Doom

How did you do? We had a huge number of entrants and not surprisingly there weren't many who got it wrong.
(Go on, tell 'em who won already! -ed)

Without any further ado, we can announce that the winner of the is.... <drumroll>... Nathan Langford

Of course, we also have five runner's up prizes consisting of a copy of the game, a kick-ass T-shirt, and one of three Limited Edition mosaic lithographs. These go to:
  • Munir Choudhury
  • Gloria Dornin
  • Dave Gullen
  • Adrian Hamer
  • James Richley
All winners will be contacted via email shortly. If your name matches a winner yet you have not received an email please check your spam filter. Questions can be posted in this forum thread.

Once again, a special thanks to all sponsors involved in this promotion. Part 1 of the Supreme Commander worklog is already online; keep an eye on the site for Part 2 coming soon!

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