Supreme Commander heading to 360

Written by Joe Martin

October 24, 2007 | 13:06

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Supreme Commander is an utterly awesome game and it really lends itself to high-end PCs with dual screen setups. The gameplay is pretty involved and complex too, though never to the degree that it's a problem for a PC RTS fan.

It's a bit odd to think though that the game will be seeing a port to the Xbox 360 and possibly the PlayStation 3 too.

In a recent interview with Pro-G, series creator Chris Taylor saying that's exactly what may happen though. Although the platform hasn't been officially decided they'll probably go with the Xbox 360 - though a PlayStation 3 version isn't to be ruled out.

Personally, I'd like to see a Wii version of the game - it would be, quite frankly, hilarious.

Pro-G were obviously a bit dubious at first and they quizzed Chris on how he thought the console control system could be adapted to suit such a complex RTS game. The bad news is that Chris is typically vague and doesn't offer anything actually concrete, the good news is that at least the man likes football.

"I use the football analogy. The first RTS game was the kick and then we had to take the ball a few more yards down the field every iteration. We're getting closer and closer to that touchdown. We may be a few more iterations of the UI and interface before we get there."

Asked on whether he preferred the 360 or the PS3, Chris admitted that the 360 was the platform of choice.

"Yeah likely. It's a great platform. If you look at pure development economics, it's the platform of choice for moving stuff from the PC. You can get stuff over there economically, very quickly...[On the PS3] the hardware is more complex, but it's not out of the question. It's just more time. As the install base grows and as that market starts to become more understandable to us, like we understand what kind of player is on that platform because we have more data, then it becomes logical that a game like Space Siege would move through the 360, the PS3, heck and probably the Mac."

Reckon console RTS games are the future or should the PC keep hold of one of the few genres where it can out sell other console games? Tell us your thoughts in the forums.
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