An enterprising (groan) Star Trek home theatre mod

Written by Wil Harris

January 27, 2006 | 13:18

Tags: #home-theatre #star-trek

Companies: #mod

Have you ever thought to yourself - "Gee, wouldn't it be great if my home theatre setup was an exacting replica of the bridge from the Starship Enterprise?" Well, you probably haven't, but one guy has decided to "Make it so" and has gone all-out to create a mod that's on a scale not usually seen.

The Bridge of the Starship Enterprise has been cunningly mocked up in a spare room. The main viewscreen now serves as a projector screen for big-screen viewing. Speakers are placed all over the room, and comfy armchairs serve as command seats.

Quite what his friends and family think of the shenanigans we're not sure. However, it's worth spending some time looking around the webpage and checking out all the photos - this really is one heck of a job.

Have you ever been tempted to turn an entire room of your house into something outrageous like this? Let us know your plans over in the forums.
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