bit-tech Mod of the Year 2017 in Association with Corsair - Nominate Your Favourite Mods!

Written by Alex Banks

December 12, 2017 | 14:30

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2017 feels like a year of change.  bit-tech got a facelift, AMD usurped Intel for many as the CPU manufaturer of choice, and the enthusiast water-cooling industry become more fiercely competitive than ever. One thing, however, has stood the test of time, and that's the quality of work on show once again in our forums. With so many hardware changes taking place this year it has been a real boon for modding, with manufacturers needing show-pieces and enthusiasts having more reasons than ever to update their rigs and get modding again.

Well, with the icy December wind, rain, and snow fighting to break through our front doors, it's about time everybody got their nominations in for their favourite projects of 2017! How you rate them is up to you, but we recommend you consider the skills involved, quality of work, originality, and presentation.

And of course to help motivate everybody to find the time to choose, Corsair will kindly be giving away three triple packs of its new LL120 series RGB fans too: one pack each to three entrants! To be in with a chance, all you have to do is email us with your nominations and/or vote for your favourites once the shortlist is decided and voting begins.

As with last year, we will be following this format: 12 mods and 12 scratchbuilds will make the shortlists based on your nominations. The projects will compete for three titles: Mod of the Year and Scratchbuild of the Year as voted for by the community, and the Overall Best Build as decided by a combination of the community vote and an internal panel.

What's in it for the Modders?

You mean aside from eternal cheesecake glory and the chance to stand among some of the most respected builds and modders of all time?

Well, Corsair has also seen to that, with the winners of Scratchbuild and Mod of the year walking away with a brand new Corsair Crystal 460X White Edition and matching white Corsair RM750x PSU, a handy basis for a new project.

The lucky winner of the Best Overall Award will receive £500 or equivalent to spend in Corsair's online store.

How to Nominate Your Favourites

As with past years, please don't post your lists in the comments, but feel free to discuss individual nominations. We'll then add up the nominations and enter projects based on the total number of votes.

  • Email us your favourite projects, linking to them in our forum, before December 20th.
  • Separate your projects into case mods (projects that use an off-the-shelf case) and scratchbuilds (projects where the case has been made from the ground up).
  • Include at least three projects in each category (you can include up to 15 in each).
  • Projects must have a project log in our forum to qualify.
  • Projects can't have been completed before December 5th 2016 as this was the cutoff date for Mod of the Year 2016.
  • Project must be complete - if you want to nominate a project that isn't complete yet, check with the modder to see if will be completed before December 20th.

So Many Projects, How to Choose?

Thankfully we've got you covered! Aside from simply trawling through the forums (which we recommend doing anyway, as it's full of gold) we've assembled a list of the Mod of the Month and Modding update articles from 2017 to help you along your way.

Mods of the Month

Mod of the Month January 2017

Mod of the Month February 2017

Mod of the Month March 2017

Mod of the Month April 2017

Mod of the Month May 2017

Mod of the Month June 2017

Mod of the Month July 2017

Mod of the Month August 2017

Mod of the Month September 2017

Mod of the Month October 2017

Mod of the Month November 2017

Modding Updates (note not all projects may be complete in this category)

Modding Update January 2017

Modding Update February 2017

Modding Update March 2017

Modding Update April 2017

Modding Update May 2017

Modding Update June 2017

Modding Update July 2017

Modding Update August 2017

Modding Update September 2017

Modding Update October 2017

Modding Update November 2017

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