Parabolic Heat Transference Case Mod

Written by Geoff Richards

July 22, 2005 | 14:43

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It's the end of the week, so time for a bit of Friday Frivolity curtesy of Michael Buffington and his "Parabolic Heat Transference Case Mod".

Concerned about his PC overheating, Buffington considered four possible solutions: apply raw beef; apply frozen shrimp; purchase expensive jelly and olive oil cooled heatsinks; or finally, employing gibbons.

Given that none of these are adequate CPU cooling methods, he was left with no option but to "build this, unarguably, perfect computer case," in his words.

"The best way, as I've found out, is to design a case for the computer equipment that uses the natural laws of physics to effectively deflect all heat particles away from the computer equipment using a simple curved surface and common materials."

The result is a garage-filling mini half-pipe skateboard ramp that would do Bam Margera proud. The PC is built into one end of the ramp, and a CRT monitor recessed into the landing area behind the coping. Naturally, no skater would be caught dead running Windows, so this rig runs Red Hat Linux.

If you haven't yet figured out the point of this "case" mod, don't panic - neither have we, other than the old chestnut: because I can. Actual applications might be to run it as an MP3 server filled with CKY tunes, and perhaps a webcam to broadcast tricks to all your mates.

If you've always wanted your own skate park in your garage, or emulate Mr Margera and have one in your back garden, why not build one of your own this weekend?

As for Mike's effort, it's hard to know what will happen first: the hard drive dying with all the pounding, or someone putting a foot through that unprotected monitor screen.

If only he had installed an Xbox instead - you could play Tony Hawk's while you waited for your turn!

Is this the thinnest excuse for a "case mod" ever? What is the strangest place you have ever seen a PC? Tell us.
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