Poll: Where do you prefer to watch Internet video?

October 7, 2007 | 13:27

Tags: #digital #download #internet #stream #tv

To say YouTube is quite popular is an obvious understatement, where every man and his dog seems to be video blogging or making Internet TV for you to stream or download.

iTunes is also becoming increasingly popular, and even if it has just lost NBC, you can still download a ton of the most popular TV shows. The tube you sit in front of has changed from being the TV to the net and what has this done to our watching habits?

Do you now curl up somewhere quiet with a notebook and some headphones to really saver every pixel? or do you just sit in front of your PC and play it as soon as it comes down? Or perhaps you go to the extra effort or have a HTPC setup where you plonk yourself on the sofa, kick back and relax as it plays on the big screen?

If none of the above apply or you have different rituals for different shows - let us know in the forums!
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