Production of world's first flying car begins

Written by Phil Cogar

July 30, 2007 | 09:12

Tags: #traffic

We've all undoubtedly watched The Jetsons...but have you ever dreamed of the day that you could own your very own flying car? Well soon, that day will become true - Moller has announced that it has begun the production of its M200G flying car.

Don't think about taking the family along though as the M200G has a weight limit of 250lbs for its two passenger seats so most family members will need their separate skycar.

With a limit of 50MPH at an altitude of 10 feet, most people might find this vehicle laughable for daily use. But as limited as it may be, it's not for the light-walleted of you out there. With an estimated price as low as $90,000 (around £53,000), this car will be out of reach of the average Joe for years to come - but should hopefully fall in price sooner rather then later.

Now that we can go 3D with our vehicles, can you imagine the traffic requirements? What happens with bridges that only have eight feet of clearance? Will traffic laws need to change, or will they just be banned for now?

Do you think this could be the way forward or could this lead to even deadlier vehicles wrecks? Tell us your thoughts down below or over in the forums.
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