Ransomware is a big threat

Written by Glen Chivers

July 26, 2006 | 15:08

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Ransomware - a relatively new malware which as its name suggests hacks your computer and demands ransom for you to get your files back - is on the increase, not only this but its getting harder to crack.

Ransomware appeared back in 2004, and reached it's peak in Q2 of 2006.

Kaspersky, the internet security firm reported dangers being held at small businesses and individuals where no appropriate backup precautions are taken, where massive data loss can occur since files taken hostage will be encrypted with a key which can be 600-bits long and it will not be long before keys over 1000-bits long become available to malicious users.

600-bit keys are no laughing matter, it can take immense computing power and lots of time to crack it, resources very few have.

However, Sophos makes a good point saying "if your data is backed up, you can recover."

Likewise, users who use the internet wisely and have adequate internet protection should not have any malware problems.

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