Snow Leopard Arrives on 28th August

August 25, 2009 | 11:51

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For those into the fruitier way of life, Apple's next feline OS, dubbed Snow Leopard, will be available on 28th August. Yes, that's just three days away.

For those wanting to upgrade it shouldn't break the bank either, as pre-orders have remained at a very wallet friendly £25. We find it hard not to draw parallels to Microsoft's upcoming Windows 7, which was on a short-term pre-order for £59, before increasing the price.

It's claimed a fresh install of Snow Leopard will actually take up 7GB less space than the current OS and that Apple has been concentrating on performance rather than new features.

A big update for business folk is the support for Microsoft Exchange Server that allows Snow Leopard's native mail, contacts and calender applications to better co-exist in the "standard" work environment.

There's also multi-touch trackpad support for upcoming Apple notebooks, full ZFS support, updated text processing to highlight grammatical and spelling errors and go-faster stripes.

Are you grabbing the latest Apple OS? Is it noticeably better? Let us know your thoughts in the forums.
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