Seagate introduces 2.5" 15k drives

Written by Brett Thomas

January 17, 2007 | 17:21

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Those of you familiar with server designs know how important a good RAID array can be. However, you also know what a pain it is to fit one in a decent rack setup. The sheer size and heat production of a 3.5" SCSI three-disk array for Raid 5 is one of the many things that make the technology hard to use - well, Seagate has just fixed that.

The company has announced its new Savvio 15k line this week, and it's aiming straight at the heart of the server market (not that a few of us desktop afficionados wouldn't make use of it, too). The Savvio drives are SAS (Serial Attached SCSI) 15k RPM drives designed entirely for RAID setups. They come in only two sizes - 36GB and 73GB. So why do we care? Because they're only 2.5" drives.

The new Savvio drives are designed to fit six drives in that same space as two 3.5" drives, allowing you a host of options all the way up to RAID 6 (or two full sets of RAID 5) where you formerly had only RAID 0 or 1. They will start appearing in the HP ProLiant server line first, and both IBM and Sun are also looking to get them in their lineups.

Of course, the space-saving features and speed of the drives beg the question - could we see these starting to appear in some modders' desktop setups as well? A SCSI RAID card just isn't that expensive anymore....

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