Voodoo makes magic in Vegas

Written by Wil Harris

January 10, 2007 | 15:41

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Fresh from their acquisition by HP, the guys at Voodoo have got some big ideas about what they are going to achieve in 2007.

We spoke to Rahul Sood, the brains behind the firm, to get the low-down on what could expect to see. Whilst cagey, he did confirm that, using the HP distribution and sales network, Voodoo would be coming to the UK in a big way in 07. Rocking!

The main focus of the Voodoo display was something Rahul told us came out of research in the HP labs. Using multiple projectors, we saw a massive curved screen sat in front of a racing setup, running a grand prix title in a completely immersive way. The game was running on a high-end Voodoo PC, and the engrossing effect of the peripheral-vision-encompassing screen was spectacular.

Even more impressive was the race chair we were perched in. Using more top secret HP special sauce, software on the PC was able to extract movement from within the video output and translate that into motion data to move and rumble the chair. This could have applications in movies, as the chair swings you around on course with the on-screen action.

We could barely bring ourselves to get out of the racing setup - it was absolutely brilliant fun.

Voodoo has also been showing off its 20" SLI notebook, similar to the Rock which we saw previously - but with a much sweeter paint job. Rahul was adamant that we're going to see lots more exciting laptops from Voodoo over the next year. With the manufacturing and design resource of HP behind them, they no longer need to rely on Taiwanese ODMs to provide them with laptop designs and chasses, meaning they can come out with some truly original stuff - we can't wait.

Voodoo is shipping some of its new systems with the new 30" HP screen, and Rahul said that he expected to introduce a 'game-changing' desktop system this year that would 'blow away' the competition. Sounds interesting...

Ogle at the pictures, then let us know your thoughts over in the forums.

The curved gaming display and the projectors that power it.

Voodoo guru Rahul shows us how it's done, and the 20" SLI notebook glows in purple.

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