FSP launches the strangest 2-in-1 chassis you've seen

Written by Jennifer Allen

March 3, 2020 | 11:00

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FSP, better known for its budget priced power supplies, has announced its T-Wings PC chassis, and it's a curious 2-in-1 chassis, allowing for two PC systems to fit into one strange looking case.

With a focus on high-end systems, there's room here for a main system with up to an EATX motherboard size for HEDT systems or high-end gaming workstations, with mini-ITX motherboard support for the secondary system. Besides room for dual liquid cooling systems and dual power supplies, there's also space for users to install up to 5 hard drives, including 2 standard 3.5 inch sized drives and 3 2.5 inch sized devices.

FSP states that the main system has 8 expansion slots, while the secondary system has room for 2. Graphics cards can be mounted both horizontally and vertically so there's a bit of flexibility here. In both cases, they utilise a custom central spine that means there's a 40 mm space dedicated for cable management so you can make sure things look neat and tidy, as well as work on keeping airflow unrestricted. 

Note, you'll need to work on making things look good on the inside because the T-Wings uses a semi-open chassis design that is bizarre looking. It almost looks like a VR headset rather than a case, with an aluminium frame combined with 4 mm tempered glass panels, and some weird angular shapes thrown in for good measure. 

Maybe it's down to all the renewed Star Trek talk thanks to Star Trek: Picard, but it almost looks like a case went through a transporter and it went tragically wrong. 

Despite the unusual form, the T-Wings does still offer typical features we've come to expect from cases. That includes an addressable RGB light bar that is compatible with all major ARGB motherboard control software. The front panel also includes 3.5 mm HD audio stereo and microphone inputs, 1 USB 3.1 2nd Gen Type-C connector, and 2 USB 3.1 1st Gen Type-A connectors which is a decent starting point. 

Somehow beguiled by the strange shapes of the FSP T-Wings? The US price is $499 so expect something similar in the UK. Maybe just find the room for a second case and set up rather than combine the two. 

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