NZXT releases Xbox Series X style case: the H1

Written by Jennifer Allen

February 26, 2020 | 13:00

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NZXT has announced a new small-form-factor Mini-ITX case, the NZXT H1, and it looks distinctly like the Xbox Series X

The tower-style chase offers a sleek vertical chassis that promises to only have a small spatial footprint while still offering plenty of room for components such as most full-sized GPUs. That might sound a bit Tardis-like but a further poke around will show that NZXT has mostly thought carefully about the positioning within the case. 

With a focus on making PC building simple, the case has a PCIe riser card pre-installed, along with 140 mm AIO, and a SFX-L 650w 80+ Gold PSU all ready to go. There's plenty of cooling potential too via its dual-chamber airflow that NZXT reckons means it's designed well to ensure your CPU, GPU and PSU can keep air flow ticking along nicely without any issues. It certainly looks the part at least. 

There's also been some work done on cable management with pre-routed cables and a rear-facing I/O on the bottom of the case, so you won't have to worry about ugly cables or their ability to trap heat. In addition, there's a toolless SSD tray too to further simplify your install. 

Founder and CEO of NZXT Johnny Hou explained that the point of the case is to keep small-form-factor simple, even for those wanting to use high-end hardware. "We set out to make this one of the easiest builds you can undertake while leaving no compromises when gaming," he noted in a press release. 

If doing it yourself still sounds a bit too much like hard work, the option of purchasing the NZXT BLD H1 Mini PC is also available. It features an Intel Core i9 9900k along with an Nvidia GeForce RTX 2070 Super Founder's Edition and 16GB RAM. It's not cheap though coming in at just under $2,000. It is an option though.

If you'd prefer just the NZXT H1 case, it currently has a RRP of $350 which works out at £300 on various retailers. The case is available in either matte black or matte white, but if you're trying to embrace the Xbox look, obviously you need to go with the black variant. 

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