Lian Li updates its range of PC desk cases

Written by Jennifer Allen

April 20, 2020 | 11:00

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Lian Li has released a new gaming desk as part of its fairly quirky DK series. 

While other manufacturers may refer to their latest gaming desktop when they actually mean a case to place on one's desktop, Lian Li has consistently gone a different route via its DK series. The case itself is also a glass top panel based desk which simultaneously makes perfect sense and very little sense (once you see the price tag). This time around, the new Lian Li DK-04F and DK-05F build upon the success of previous motorised standing desks by adding more control over system fans and RGB lighting. The two designs also include a new switchable glass top panel.

The desks are constructed from premium aluminium, according to Lian Li, with height adjustment available via silent yet powerful motorised legs. The height adjustment comes with four different pre-set configurations that are accessible via a built-in control panel with a choice of 689mm at its lowest point or up to 1,175mm if you want a standing desk setup.

The switchable top glass panel is made from 8mm thick tempered glass with a button to switch it between glossy and transparent any time you want to change up the look. On the inside is a removable motherboard tray that can house Mini-ITX up to E-ATX motherboards with the DK-05F able to host two systems while the DK-04F only has room for one. Inside both cases/desks are removable drive bays for both 3.5 inch and 2.5 inch HDDs, plus there's 185mm height clearance for graphics cards and CPU coolers.

In terms of I/O, the front panel has controls for system lighting, noise levels, visibility, and height. There's also the fan control button which offers four different pre-sets that range between full speed and silent, depending on what you're doing. An RGB button also offers up seven lighting modes or the choice to synchronise with your motherboard. And when it comes to practical things, the DK-05F provides one USB 3.1 Type-C port and 3.55mm audio jacks. 

Depending on the components you slot into this desk, it could look rather gorgeous as well as unusual. If you're keen to both free up space in your office by combining desk and system, it's useful, but really, this is more about good looks and having a bit of a statement piece. That's reflected in the price. The single system DK-04F is priced at $1,499 while the dual system DK-05F will be $1,999. 

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