Jonsbo announces two new cases: the V8 and MOD5

Written by Jennifer Allen

July 6, 2020 | 15:00

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Jonsbo has unveiled two remarkably different cases - the V8, a cuboid-shaped mini-ITX case, and the quirky looking open frame PC case, the MOD5. 

Both extremely different from each other, we'll start out with the V8 - a more down to earth mini-ITX case that's likely to be genuinely useful for some users. The cuboid-shaped case offers a two piece slide out chassis design with the internal steel chassis of the case sliding out intact of the outer aluminium-magnesium alloy based body. That outer body has a floating front intake that hides the case's main fan vent with extra vents along the sides and tops. 

The front intake has a large 200mm fan with mounts for two 140mm/120mm fans along the top with one 140mm/120mm rear exhaust. Combined, that should cover most cooling needs for this kind of case project. The front panel offers one USB 3.2 type-C, one USB 3.2 type-A, along with HD audio jacks. 

Inside, there's room for a mini-ITX motherboard as well as space for a full height graphics card up to 33cm in length. CPU coolers up to 19.5cm in height can also fit in here with two expansion slots also available. An internal SFX/SFX-L PSU bay is connected to an AC receptacle extension at the back. Wondering about storage space? There's room for two 3.5-inch bays and a 2.5-inch mount. 

The case measures 249.5mm x 390mm x 260mm. Lack of front USB ports aside, and the V8 looks rather appealing for someone after a small form factor case, although there's no word yet on a price which would be useful.

Alternatively, if you fancy something a bit less practical, Jonsbo has also come up with the MDO5. It's purported to offer an ultra-high airflow design because it can mount a grand total of nine 120mm fans if you so wish. Also, it's an open frame design with the motherboard tray placed diagonally with tempered glass used for the front and side panels. Simply put, it's a bit weird looking as you can see in the image below.

The MOD5 has room for ATX, microATX or mini-ITX motherboards as well as 7 expansion slots, up to 400mm long graphics card, 220mm deep PSU, and a CPU cooler up to 180mm in height. Ultimately though, it's a bit ugly, isn't it? Impractical to store anywhere and likely to attract dust quite significantly thanks to that open chassis, it's divisive to say the least. Much like the V8, no price has been provided just yet. 

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