Lian Li announces the PC-B12

July 26, 2012 | 15:34

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Lian Li has revealed the first images of the PC-B12, its latest micro-ATX/ATX case and one which uses a clever bottom-facing vent for a smooth front finish.

Described by the aluminium-shaper as 'a silent case with a bottom vent,' the PC-B12 has a novel cooling system: two 140mm fans behind the front panel pull cool air through a 120mm vent under the case. The result, Lian Li claims, is a case that can offer significantly reduced noise levels while still maintaining a cool interior.

Rubber-bottomed aluminium feet keep the base of the case above ground level - although this is still a case you'd be better off not sitting directly on a carpet, thanks to the small intake vent's lack of dust filter. A rear-facing 120mm fan takes care of exhaust, and features a downward-facing adjustable baffle for, Lian Li claims, even further noise reductions. Noise dampening foam inserts are also included on the front and side panels, as well as forming part of the baffle system.

Internally, the tool-free design includes room for an ATX or micro-ATX motherboard, three 3.5in hard drives - with hot-swap support an option - and a single 2.5in drive for SSD users. Externally, the case includes two 5.25in drive bays, but no 3.5in bays for those who still use a floppy drive, Zip drive or - heaven help you - an LS120 drive.

The case adopts the increasingly popular upside-down layout with the power supply fitting at the bottom rather than the top. PSUs up to 240mm in length are supported, with an angled vent with dust filter underneath for improved cooling. Eight expansion slots with tool-free clamps are included at the rear, while the case supports PCI Express cards of up to 360mm in length. Finally, an IO panel at the top of the case features two USB 3.0 ports and the usual analogue HD audio connections.

So far, Lian Li has confirmed just a single version of the PC-B12 in black aluminium and clocking in at a hefty 6.4KG. The overall dimensions of the case are 210mm x 472mm x 498mm, with CPU coolers of up to 160mm posing no problem.

UK pricing has yet to be confirmed, with Lian Li setting a suggested US retail price of $169 (around £109 excluding taxes) ahead of its September launch.
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