Foxconn goes Enthusiast Crazy

March 5, 2008 | 11:57

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The Foxconn booth has gone from boring to a hive of interest – live overclocking with liquid nitrogen and MASSIVE “Ultra ATX” cases with huge magnifying glasses on the side housing the CrossFire-X concept Quantum Force watercooling/TEC cooled boards that were previously shown at CES.

The systems in question are powering 8 independent displays, with either eight different movie parts playing or a Flight Sim running across all the screens – really impressive, but completely concept.

Foxconn demonstrated this not just as a marketing gimmick though and has referred to it all as its “F1 section” – it pioneers and researches new technology first (just like on F1 cars), then this is then translated into its consumer boards (just like with some new cars).

It showed off to bit-tech a plethora of new Quantum Force motherboards - confirming that it was firmly behind the brand but used it as a niche market only – where the high-end would again allow more technology to fall into more consumer friendly areas. It doesn’t expect to sell many Quantum Force boards, but the company enjoys the technical demonstration. Fair enough, we said.

The new boards will be called the Destroyer, based on the Nvidia nForce 780a SLI chipset, the Dreadnaught, based on the Nvidia nForce 790i Ultra SLI chipset and the Black Ops we’ve previously seen. All together, the consistent Quantum Force theme actually looks rather snazzy, even if the names don’t really strike such a chord. Again, it’s a case of trying a bit too hard.

The Destroyer won’t have the silly heatpipe hanging off the southbridge, but all boards will feature the new 4-in-1 cooler which means you can either passively, actively, water or extreme cool the northbridge and heatpipes.

Foxconn is also keen on making more energy efficient motherboards – while still limited to just two boards based on the AMD 780G and Intel G45 chipset, it has gone the whole way rather than just the usual “CPU phase manipulation”. Instead the boards don’t feature any additional colour to the PCB and are not only compliant with RHoS but will also commit to the Energy Star 4 and the German “Angel System”.

They may not look pretty, but they are certainly built from the ground up as green – Foxconn have branded these under the acronyms: Green on Demand (GoD) – to represent multi-phase CPU power switching, Green Power Saving (GPS) – where Foxconn is working with PSU manufacturers to make OEM machines where the motherboard actively talks to the PSU in order to maximise its efficiency, and Green System Saving (GSM) where Foxconn will work to increase the efficiency of the system as a whole – again, predominantly OEM’s will see the benefits of this. Phew - that was a long sentence.

Interested in Quantum Force or Foxconn’s Green boards? Let us know your thoughts, in the forums.


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