Arctic enters water-cooling market with Liquid Freezer range

November 5, 2015 | 11:58

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Arctic has announced the impending launch of its first entry into the liquid cooling market: the Liquid Freezer family of all-in-one sealed-loop coolers, beginning with two sub-£100 models.

Best known for its fans, heatsinks, and a questionable lawsuit against AMD, the company formerly known as Arctic Cooling has previously shied away from the realm of liquid cooling. That is due to change later this year, though, when the Arctic Liquid Freezer range hits shop shelves in 120mm and 240mm variants - the latter, unsurprisingly, aimed at enthusiast users and boasting that it is 'ready for 16 cores and overclocking.'

Both models in the range follow the standard format: a waterblock features a built-in pump which connects via pre-fitted tubing to a 120mm or 240mm radiator block, and the whole kit is supplied pre-filled and with the promise of a maintenance-free cooling experience. In an effort to distinguish itself from the competition, whose rebadged OEM and ODM builds look not entirely dissimilar to Arctic's, the company has opted to double up on fans: the 120mm includes two of the company's own 120mm fans and the 240mm includse four, each fitted in push-pull configuration to boost aiflow.

Arctic's sell-sheet for the Liquid Freezer family includes the promise of a bare-minimum noise level from the temperature-sensitive fans, a highly efficient pump with 2W power draw, a long service life, and the ability to fit 'every standard case' for the smaller 120mm variant. It is also including the popular MX-4 thermal compound with every unit, to better attract enthusiasts.

Arctic has confirmed that both Liquid Freezer models will launch in December this year, priced at £71.99 and £92.99 for the 120mm and 240mm variants respectively.
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