Cooler Master launches Seidon 120M watercooler

November 1, 2012 | 10:41

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Cooler Master has officially announced its latest all-in-one liquid cooling system, claiming a design that sets it apart from 'a sea of copies.'

Ignoring the company's little dig at the wealth of rebranded original design manufacturer (ODM) units out there, Cooler Master's sealed-loop Seidon family shouldn't come as too much of a surprise: a copper coldplate suitable for use with all current AMD and Intel socket types features a built-in pump connected through sealed tubing to a radiator.

Initially available in a 120mm flavour - with a 240mm expected to follow as the company looks to offer competition to its rivals' dual-size strategies - the Seidon 120M uses a four-pin fan connector for its pulse-width modulation (PWM) controlled rifle-bearing fan and a three-pin connector for the integrated pump, which features a blue status LED - something that will be invisible in cases without side windows. Claimed power consumption for the pump is 1.8W, while the fan draws up to 3.6W when running at its maximum 2,400rpm - a speed that sees the claimed noise level rise from 19dBA at 600rpm to 40dBA.

As is common in the watercooling game, the copper coldplate features 'micro-channels' - fins which are designed to stick up into the coolant flow in order to increase the surface area of the coldplate exposed to the coolant. Whether Cooler Master's own micro-channel design offers anything above and beyond those of its competition, however, will only be proven during independent testing.

The sealed-unit cooling market is certainly growing crowded at present, with numerous companies either licensing ODM products from the likes of Asetek or CoolIT or, rarely, designing their own.

Official UK pricing for the Cooler Master Seidon 120M has yet to be confirmed, with the US recommended retail price set at $69.99 (around £43 excluding taxes.)
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