Cooler Master and Asus have announced a partnership on TUF Gaming-branded products including cases, power supplies, and coolers - all, however, based on Cooler Masters' existing own-brand designs.

Designed to provide those who have picked TUF Gaming branded hardware for their build and are looking to take the visual themes through to the rest of their components, the partnership sees Cooler Master re-brand and re-badge four of its existing products in a new Asus TUF Gaming livery: The MasterBox MB500 case, MasterAir MA620P and MA410M coolers, and the MasterWatt power supply range in 450W, 550W, 650W, and 750W flavours.

These particular components, Cooler Master claims in its announcement of the deal, were 'specifically chosen because of their ability to run your games smoothly and reliably' - yes, even the case. The re-badged products enter what Asus calls the TUF Gaming Alliance, a collaborative effort from Asus and others to 'create an aesthetically cohesive gaming PC.'

'One of the key tenants of Cooler Master is reliability. Providing PC builders products that will not only work well, but work well for a long time is one of the company's highest priorities. Asus' promise to only include reliable, durable products in the TUF Gaming Alliance is one of the key reasons Cooler Master agreed to participate,' a Cooler Master spokesman explains of the company's partnership. 'Building a TUF system isn't just a temporary solution for your gaming needs. It's a long term commitment to performance excellence.'

Pricing for the TUF Gaming parts has not been confirmed, but is expected to fetch a slight premium over the components non-TUF equivalents.

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